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Our Company

Sophic Solutions, LLC is a change management and consulting firm based in Kansas City, Missouri. Managing Partners, Rodney and Stephenie Smith come together with over 40 years of combined experience to offer management solutions to large and small business entities, and not-for-profit agencies. Sophic, specifically, provides educational consultation to schools and school districts, offer change management solutions to a variety of organization-types and conducts diversity, equity & inclusion training for various companies and associations. Sophic also designs educational curriculum, offers professional development sessions, and facilitates team-building activities in addition to a number of supplementary management improvement services.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Training

 A. Stauch, NKCS Principal

"I thought they navigated difficult subjects well. We were asked to reflect, share and be honest about topics that can be uncomfortable. They gave data, were wise to get a “feel” for where our thinking was in surveys and then pushed our thinking. They did very well using questions to promote our thinking."

Our Values

As a firm that specializes in business & not-for-profit management solutions, equity & inclusion training and community development, we have developed a few core values over the years. These values define us personally and professionally.


Servant Leadership: We see ourselves as servant leaders. We believe that to lead is to serve and to serve is to lead. Each relationship we develop with a client is a unique opportunity to serve, shape and achieve collective community goals.


Passion: We are passionate about helping our clients to operationalize their strategies into sustainable change.


Collaboration: The starting point of all client relationships begins with involving them in the process. Our goal is, always, to create a sense of ownership in our clients. Thus, we work collaboratively with our clients in order to achieve the change they desire.


Transparency: Genuine efforts to maintain transparency helps to build mutual trust between us and our clients. We strive for open and honest dialogue with those we are fortunate to serve.


Adaptable: Our solutions and services are applicable across a variety of organization-types as well as industries. 


Client-focused: Although we employ tried-and-true methodologies and strategies, our services are tailored to the distinct needs of our clients. This customized approach ensures that the specific goals of each client are met.

Our Team
Dr. Rodney D. Smith  

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As co-founder and managing partner, Rodney is Sophic’s lead authority on issues related to diversity, equity and inclusion. His expertise specifically pertains to African American student achievement, urban education and culturally responsive pedagogy. He is also a Group and Collaborative Learning expert...

Stephenie K. Smith, MSW

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As co-founder and managing partner, Stephenie is Sophic's lead authority on executive project management, organizational structure & design and operations improvement. She has led a number of efforts to align not-for-profit policy with community investments, with a special emphasis on large-scale transformation...


"Your Core Values are the "glue" that holds your business together."
-Doris P. Johnson

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