Regional Leadership Awardee

Each year, the Mid- America Regional Council (MARC) presents the Regional Leadership Awards. These awards honor people and organizations that advocate regional concepts, approaches and programs; address regional challenges; apply innovative solutions to regional problems; and advance a regional vision of excellence and opportunity. The Sophic Solutions' team is honored to be a 2021 MARC Regional Leadership Award recipient. 


KC Race, Equity & Inclusion Project

The KC Race, Equity and Inclusion Project is designed for

individuals like you to understand the factors that have led to current day inequities and helps to put us in position to break down barriers, so that more individuals have the opportunity for success.

The workshops are just one part of an emerging community conversation with many other engaged citizens. These workshops are equipping community members with a common understanding of historical and current data trends, a shared language, and the ability to identify policies and practices that need to be addressed. To receive alerts about upcoming events, click the following link and follow KC REI Project.

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Both Sides Podcast featuring

Rodney and Stephenie Smith,

Co-Founders of Sophic Solutions, LLC.

NABSW Kansas City Chapter President, Amittia Parker; Managing Partner, Sophic Solutions, LLC, Stephenie K. Smith; and Aaron Crossley, NASW chapter member discuss the importance of dismantling racism in social work. Recorded March 17, 2021

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Gypsy on the Run Podcast

featuring Stephenie Smith,

Co-Founder of Sophic Solutions, LLC.

Written and Directed

Nico Wiggins



Ruby Montoya

Patrick Avila

Nathanial Bozarth

Nathan Johnson


Executive Producer

Carla McCabe



Nico Wiggins

Cody Boston



Christopher Cook


Creative Director

Cole Blaise



Lucas Cohen

Sam Jones



Wayne Gassmann