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Change Management and Organizational Solutions

As a result of the depth and breadth of our experiences, we bring the right blend of practical know-how, combined with people skills and people-centered solutions to help organizations achieve the success they desire. Because of our wide array of experiences, we know that new ideas often soar when we exercise 3rd choice thinking to address potential challenges. We also know that organizations that are experiencing unrest or instability require change management solutions that employ systems-level thinking in order to soundly construct new organizational norms.


On every assignment, we put to use our full range of expertise to ensure that our clients’ goals and objectives are met in ways that maximize value. This could mean leading projects from start to finish, assisting with program planning at intermediate stages, or helping to recover an initiative that is nearing failure. We know that effective solutions only occur when we deliver reliable, relevant and timely information to key stakeholders in order to make critical decisions or adjustments along the way. This approach minimizes client risk as we meet their specific, customized needs.  In the end, our approach to change management ensures our clients the opportunity to accurately evaluate, prioritize and execute change that propels them toward their overarching goals and yields the greatest return on investment (ROI). Below are a few areas of our expertise:

  • Change Leadership and Adaptability

  • Organizational and Administrative Leadership Development

  • Organizational Board of Directors Selection and Assessment

  • Change Management and Organization Solutions

Keynote Presentations and Group Facilitation

We believe that words inspire. And as etymology informs us, early uses of the word inspire meant “to put life or spirit into the human body; impart reason to a human soul”, so in a literal sense, we aim for transformation at the spiritual level when we present. Our presentations are engaging and thought-provoking, and provide opportunities for audience interaction. We bring a level of expertise to a wide variety of subjects, all while exuding passion, knowledge and skill. All of our keynote presentations and facilitated sessions are tailored to the specific needs of the audience and/or occasion. Again, we aim for understanding and transformation during our presentations. 

Community Engagement Strategies and Strategic Alignment

While there are almost as many definitions out there as there are people trying to define it, in its simplest terms, we define community engagement as a commitment to genuinely engage the community in an effort to achieve long-term or sustainable goals, processes, relationships, communication, or decision-making. We believe that community engagement is not necessarily driven by a "model" as much as it is driven by a framework of guiding principles, strategies, and approaches. The framework we employ is based on principles that respects the humanity of all community members to be consulted, informed, involved and empowered. Thus, our approach to community engagement utilizes a range of tools and strategies to promote success. In so doing, we place a premium on the cultivation of trust as a critical component to long-term and sustainable engagement. We help our clients build trust by working collaboratively with stakeholders, many who are affiliated as a result of proximity, special interest, or similar circumstances, to address issues concerning the well-being of those stakeholders. We believe, when done right, sincere community engagement is a powerful vehicle for bringing about systems and/or behavioral changes that will, in the end, improve the well-being of the community and its members. Our approach to community engagement and strategic alignment often involves partnerships and coalitions that seeks to mobilize people as well as resources to transform systems, and to influence people, all in an effort to change policies, programs, practices and most often perspectives.

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging Consultation Services

There has never been a more relevant time to help individuals and organizations strengthen their understanding around issues of diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging. We offer a broad and diverse range of training opportunities for our clients. Sophic’s consultants bring a plethora of experiences, both professional and personal, to this arena. As well, our formal training and educational backgrounds allow for in-depth analyses and assessments in this area. We, specifically, offer training opportunities and services in the areas listed below.

Anti-Racism Training

Because race and racism in America has a long and challenging past, we find it helpful to ground this training in an examination of U.S. history. We also understand that over the years many terms associated with this topic have been conflated, thus we spend time exploring the distinctions between key terms. Overarchingly, this training distinguishes the difference between overt racism and structural racism. In the end, the training helps participants to understand the difference between being non-racist and anti-racist.

Understanding Cognitive Dissonance

This session helps participants to consider the causes of the anxiety and/or discomfort that is often felt when confronted with situations that contradict what they believe about certain groups of people.

Racial Identity II.jpg
Racial and Social Identity Development

This session explores the variety of ways individuals develop their identity (ex. Black Racial Identity Development, Latino Identity Development, White Racial Identity Development...etc.). The session specifically explores the "Big 8" socially constructed identities (race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity, ability, religion/spirituality, nationality and socioeconomic status) and examines how dominant and subordinated identities can affect an individual's experience of advantage or oppression.

Stereotype Threat and Impostor Syndrome

This session will explore the phenomena known as "Stereotype Threat" and "Impostor Syndrome". The session provides strategies to overcome self-doubt.

Cultural Reciprocity and Responsiveness

An augmentation of Cultural Competency training, Cultural Reciprocity and Responsiveness Training demands that individuals respect and embrace the cultural perspectives of others. Cultural reciprocity and responsiveness calls for constant introspection that promotes a willingness to reflect upon the often unquestioned aspects of our dominant culture in juxtaposition to the culture and customs of individuals outside of dominant cultural norms. Central to the tenets of cultural reciprocity and responsiveness is an examination of the culturally-based biases that many individuals harbor.

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging Consultation

Our Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging Consulting is, perhaps, the trademark of all that we do. Our approach to D.E.I.B. starts with an in-depth conversation with our clients in an effort to establish a plan aimed at closing gaps between an organization's current status and its vision for where it would like to be in the future. We work with our clients to help them discover where they are, as we chart a path to where they would like to go.

To learn more about these services, please contact us:
Managing Partner
Stephenie K. Smith, MSW
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